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Nocturnal, Animals
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Author:  Patrick [ Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Nocturnal, Animals

publication date is Dec 15 but here is a special sneak preview for you mopes

The first sign that “Nocturnal Animals” was going to be a rough ride came during the title sequence, which features nekkid fat ladies, with pompoms and sparklers.
Boy, that was a long title sequence.
Tom Ford’s flick is about horrible people in Los Angeles, horrible people in New York, and really horrible people in West Texas.
Amy Adams plays Susan Morrow, who is a big shot in the art world. She lives in what looks like a Stanley Kubrick set. She also works in one. Very symmetrical.
And significant.
She’s married to Hutton (Armie Hutton), a neo-lounge lizard. He has to fly to New York, and he wears a blazer, open collar, and no tie, which tells you all you need to know.
But Susan’s ex-husband Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal) has sent a publisher’s proof of the novel he finally wrote. It’s called “Nocturnal Animals.”
This is very significant too.
Susan suspects that Hutton is fooling around on her, and she has nothing better to do. So she starts reading the thing.
And bammo, we are in the novel.
In which Jake Gyllenhaal, now playing Tony Hastings, wife Laura (Isla Fisher, who happens to look a lot like Amy Adams) and daughter India (Ellie Bamber) are driving in Tony’s vintage Mercedes through West Texas, which Tony likes because it has no cell service and no people.
Except it does have people -- nasty ones, in the form of three goobers: Lou (Karl Glusman), Turk (Robert Aramayo), and ringleader Ray (played with considerable glee by Aaron Taylor-Johnson).
They force the Hastings off the road, smack Tony around, and take Laura and India off to be raped and murdered.
Tony escapes and staggers off to get help from Bobby Andes, old-time lawman (played by Michael Shannon).
Together they make it right, sort of.
But this perfectly good revenge story keeps getting interrupted because…
It’s a story within a story, and in the main story Susan isn’t sleeping and is very unhappy and reading the darn book and remembering how she met Edward which means…
Another story, told in flashback.
In case you’re counting, that’s three stories.
And they’re all about revenge.
In case you don’t get this, there is a big painting on the wall at Susan’s office that says “Revenge.”
So what is going on here?
There are two possibilities, it seems to me.
One is that Ford had a nice exploitation movie story, a cross between “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Death Wish,” but for whatever reason couldn’t flesh the thing out to the 90 minute mark.
(I could have helped out here. You have a dinner table scene at the freaks’ house, a scene at a strip club, and a car chase. Maybe a dull cousin who tries to set the women free and gets chainsawed for his trouble.)
The other is that Tom Ford wanted to make a big artsy weird movie with terrific production values and a lot of camera compositions Kubrick would have been proud of.
But in the end, “Nocturnal Animals” is pretty to look at, and pretty tedious.
Except for the death goober stuff, which is excellent, and the nekkid fat dancing ladies, which is just revolting.
Amy Adams is fine. Laura Linney as her mother is fine. Jake Gyllenhaal looks like a wet kitty. Michael Shannon is flinty.
And the whole thing is pointless.
If you’re going to make an exploitation film, just go ahead and make it, with no apologies.
Do not try to tart it up. It’s like putting Mickey Mouse ears on the Mona Lisa.
And it’s not fair to Mickey Mouse.

Author:  Patrick [ Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nocturnal, Animals

Here are some exciting stills

Amy's showing some hootage here. I don't think green does anything for her, though.


Here's Amy with one of the fat nekkid ladies, now prone. Because ART.


Ray the Goober


"You see any justice over there?"


Author:  leisureclass [ Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nocturnal, Animals

Disappointing to hear that the consensus is this thing is pretty bad, I really enjoyed a Single Man (even if the visuals were kind of ridiculous and unbelievable at times)

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